Nicole Jon Sievers, founder of Stand For Courage

Nicole Jon Sievers, founder of Stand For Courage

Behind Stand For Courage

Nicole Jon Sievers, MSW, LCSW is an activist, speaker, writer, and social worker. Nicole started the Stand for Courage Foundation recognizing the need to support, educate and incentive bystanders. Founding Board member Dr. Scott Ross and Stand For Courage were recognized with an American Psychological Association Visionary Award in 2015 for the SFC pilot program. 

For two decades, Nicole has worked with youth as a social worker and advocate. Her capacity to build personal connections in disparate communities has proven her an effective organizer. She's served on the Seattle Music Commission since 2014, where she champions youth in music and the arts, political advocacy, social justice, and community-building initiatives. 

Nicole's 2015 book, "It's Your Mind: Own It!" addresses many of the issues Stand For Courage works to repair, and has proven popular with teens, winning a NIEA book of the year award in psychology. Nicole has been a frequent radio and television guest. Currently, she is working with a publishing house for three upcoming books. Nicole is a contributing producer of the forthcoming IndieFlix film The Bully Factor.

Nicole lives in Seattle, WA. with her husband and their five sons. 

Watch Nicole discuss how to talk to youth about elder bullying

Watch Nicole discuss the adolescent brain


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‘I was actually bullied very, very much in third and fourth grade,” says the blond beauty, of whom one would never guess had any personal experience in this realm. “I was working as a model, and there were two twin boys in my class who made my life hell. They would cut out pictures of me from the paper or magazines, and draw on them and write nasty stuff, and they would post them all around,” recalls Evans.
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